They say you can define a man by the company he keeps. The people he spends time with likely have similar values and are willing to stand up and fight for the same things. So how do you choose a wheel company? Do you do it based on what others will think of you, or show how much money you can spend? Probably not, because you would have stopped reading this by now. Let me tell you about Black Rock Off-Road Wheels.

Black Rock Off-Road Wheels was founded in 2014 by a few friends from West America. They were fed up with what they saw in the 4×4 wheel industry and how companies treated customers. They knew there had to be a better way to do it and made it a point to break as many industry standards as possible in the process.

A small team was assembled and the crew worked with real wheel customers to design unique wheels that looked amazing. Looking good wasn’t enough, the wheels needed to perform on and off-road, in the dirt, towing, and survive the abuse many owners put their vehicles through getting to a campsite, hunting spot, or favorite fishing hole.

The Black Rock Off-Road leadership made contact with wheel manufacturers worldwide and worked deals with some of the factories that make the OEM wheels you get on your vehicle from the factory thus affording Black Rock Off-Road the trust that every wheel will exceed customer expectations.

Black Rock Off-Road’s headquarters is in Northern California, which allows this company to employ some of the hardest-working Americans in the country. Black Rock Off-Road has also forged international partnerships, including Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Greece, and United Arab Emirates.

We create wheels that are simple, clean, and offer the durability to handle any off-road adventure you can throw at them. Black Rock Off-Road is a wheel company that lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle.



At Black Rock Off-Road, we believe that adventures begin where the road ends. When it comes to off-road wheels, we strive to give the best to our customers by providing top designs, quality, and services. Our knowledge and experience, in addition to a strong passion for 4×4 wheels, inspire our team of experts to create the most innovative off-road wheels in the industry.

Our founders have worked hard to establish who we are and what we have achieved. Black Rock Off-Road pushes boundaries and takes you to places no one would dare go before. Our Wheel inventory puts the industry’s best selection right at your fingertips.

All Black Rock wheels are fabricated from proprietary aluminum alloys that combine light weight and exceptional strength for impressive performance. We believe there is always a better way to design better products. We know because we feel the same way. That’s why we are on a never-ending journey to produce off-road wheels that enable you to achieve the right footprint for you.

the next level in off-road development.